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Community Yarning

Finding Home in Strangers

Therapeutic Community

Community Yarning welcomes members of all backgrounds, helping them get a space curated by professionals to support and create an accepting community. We provide free group therapy and various services. Take a look at our site for information about our services, facilities and join our therapy groups.

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About Us

A Caring and Supportive Community

There’s a fit for everyone at Community Yarning. Our specialized Therapeutic space focuses on providing a warm community as well as reducing the stresses of daily life for members so they can focus on getting back on track. Take advantage of a truly compassionate environment where you are never alone.

Community Yarning has provided an open and supportive setting to all our members. The peaceful and discrete accommodation has inspired dozens to grow and overcome their challenges. Get in touch with us today by joining a group that interests you, all our services are free of cost. 

Group Therapy Sessions

Therapeutic Community

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Grief Group sessions

We grieve Together

In Grief Group, we provide a place for individuals grieving the loss of a loved one, motivation, dream, or life, in general, to connect to other people who are in the same boat and experiencing the same.

The groups will be of 3-6 months. Each group will consist of 5-8 members. Let's create a strong community. 

Abuse (Domestic abuse, emotional abuse or neglect) Group Sessions

We stand together

Abuse can affect one's perception of self and others. It can leave a long-term scar on the psyche. The survivor of abuse feels lonely so here you will get a chance to feel connected and empowered. 

It will be a 3-6 months engagement for the members and each group will consist 5-8 members.

Isolation and loneliness group sessions

We are here for you

Isolation and loneliness are common especially when we are socially isolated due to Covid. So there is a need to connect socially and emotionally. Here join the community to feel belonged. It will be a 3-6 months engagement for the members and each group will consist of 5-8 members.

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Political and social upheaval related group sessions

It does bother

The political and Social climate of a country, community, and society affects the working, processing, and experience of an individual. If the political and social scenario affects you, you are welcome to talk about it with like-minded people. It will be a 3-6 months engagement for the members and each group will consist 5-8 members.

Front-line Workers (Covid) Support Group

All for One

Front-line workers are at the forefront of the fight against Coronavirus. We here want to stay together and combat the psychological impact of the current situation. Moreover, create a space to hold you and we welcome you with open arms.

The length of groups will be 3-6 months and extendable if wanted. It will be 1.5-hour session with 5-7 members. 

Therapy for Therapists

You also need Care

A therapist also needs a place to discuss, grief, feel and express emotions. There is a space for therapists to talk and let it all out. Let's build a community together.

The groups will be of 3-6 months, Each group will consist of 8-10 members. Therapists can also volunteer.

Consent Form

This is the consent section. If you want to become a part of any of the groups, please fill the form. The group will exist for 3 months, extendable to 6 months. Each session will be for an hour with 5-7 members.

Please select group(s)
I hereby consent to joining the group

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

— Maya Angelou

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