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Happy to Help

Do you provide individual therapy assistance?

We are an organization working towards creating a warm and non-judgemental community. Currently, we provide only free-of-cost group therapy which is facilitative by various qualified psychotherapists and psychologists.. We do provide resources that are aimed at assisting you in connecting with psychologists providing therapy on a sliding-scale therapy basis. You can find this information on the group services page!

How many people can be part of a group and the duration of group therapy?

There can be 5-8 people and at max 10 people in a group, since we want to provide a space for everyone to feel heard and seen, it is ideal to keep the groups small.. The duration of each group therapy will be 3 months and if needed the person can rejoin in a new group. Once the group therapy finishes, there will be a monthly meet for interested members..

Will, there only be one group for each mentioned the mentioned group?

There will be two four groups running simultaneously. Your placement in the group will depend on your age, concern, and preferred timing. 

What can I do if I don't see myself suitable for any group?

In case you feel that you do not qualify to be a part of an existing group. We would request you to connect to us through email or call and present your idea for a new group. We will facilitate the formation of a new group if seem feasible and appropriate. We welcome dialogue and inclusivity. We are trying to be inclusive and if we miss out on any community, we will make a conscious effort to include them.

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