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Ongoing Research Projects

Academic Orientation and Advancement

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Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences
(Trauma and its Impact ) 

Participants required for the study

(Fill the form, Thank you!)

We are trying to map the prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences in India. 

Please help us collect the data by clicking on the link below. As part of the study, we are providing free-of-cost training (optional for the participant) to learn more about Trauma-Informed lens, Adverse childhood experiences and Social Emotional Learning.


Development of intervention for Adolescents

Interns required
(Volunteering Basis)

An intervention taking into account the challenging times of Covid and online training. We will be able to reach a selected set of adolescents (middle class and access to the internet and mobile).
This intervention will help adolescents develop better social and emotional learning along with awareness regarding gender and queer.

Understanding how effective and needed are therapy for therapist in India

Interns required

(Volunteering Basis)

There is a lack of literature available on the need for therapy for therapists in India. The secondary trauma of therapists goes unaccounted for. 
The project provides a space for therapists to talk their hearts out and discuss all the issues they face. What are the issues faced by therapists? Do they face ethical issues? How do they tackle these issues?

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